These are my original creature concepts and plushie designs!

Kitty Hawk, Cyndrak, Iowl

Kitty Hawks
With the cleverness of birds and cats combined, these critters can make either a persistent nuisance or an invaluable companion to the right person.
Their curious nature can get them into trouble, but overall these cuties make a popular and loving pet.

(from cyno-drake, “dog dragon”)
These are shy, elusive creatures, but if you are lucky enough to earn one’s trust you will have a loyal friend for life.
Once you get to know them, these critters become playful, joyful beings that really just love to be around good friends.

(“eye-owl” or “yowl”)
This is a curious little creature that was once revered for its ability to look briefly into the future, although nowadays it is known more as a cute but clumsy companion (their depth perception isn’t the greatest, having just the one eye and all).

These are all handmade and will differ slightly from one to another, sometimes with just a little extra personality sewn in.
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